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Crazylogic & Dr. Kohaku stages



Hello everyone,


My apologies for this request, however I have recently obtained the wish to be a possessor of following stages which are offline :


#1) Stage 1/7 : Celestial Tolice by Dr. Kohaku => My gratitude for Ryoucchi!




#2) Stage 2/7 : Tower Reload by Crazylogic => Fulfilled thanks to Hayonik!




#3) Stage 3/7 : Desert Battle by Crazylogic => Solved by Ryoucchi!




#4) Stage 4/7 : Mad Forest by Crazylogic => Much appreciated, Ryoucchi!




#5) Stage 5/7 : Cell Games by Crazylogic => Much appreciated lucabel!




#6) Stage 6/7 : The Hope's Gone by Crazylogic => Thank you lucabel!




#7 : Stage 7/7 : Confrontation on the train by Crazylogic => Fulfilled thanks to Hayonik!




Every bit of help counts!  :bye: 

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Thank you for the effort, Ryoucchi!


However it leads me to Crazy Forest (which is great) and Celestial Solice by Kohaku. This last one is not the one I seek. On his site he has 2 stages called Celestial Solice and Celestial Tolice respectively. It's the last one I seek. Just want to clarify this in case you thought I made a typo =)

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4shared tells me that "the file link you requested is not valid".


I forgot to tell that I know where to find the MFG Release thread of each stage but the reason I posted those stages here as a request is that the 4shared link given there for the majority of those stages is offline or invalid.

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