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i need this stage - afternoon japan high school - from kof 2k2um by cosumo



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i request this stage - afternoon japan high school - from kof 2k2um by cosumo




Indeed a picture always helps people to aid you in your search faster.


Anyway, I've found the stage you're looking for but it's in a KOF 2002 UM Stage collection pack. I'm sure you won't mind that ^^




The link I got from our very own KOF Mega Stage Collection Thread, which,should you be interested, can be located here :



Alternatively, you can download individual stages from the game, including those from japan, here : http://cirio.piiym.net/stg_kof2k2.htm


A tip for the future : always check out our awesome collection section to see if you can find what you're looking for there. That way, you won't need to make a request and you'll get what you want in no time!

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