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Bobby (AODK) by shimon released 2013-10-14


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its newish... but i wonder if all this time has made shimon improve? his old stuff was uh less than to be desired.


In my opinion I think his old and new MUGEN stuff isn't too bad.  I still use some of his old MUGEN stuff like his World Heroes and his Kabuki Klash.


May be he and I are the same type of MUGEN authors LOL.


And I plan to update/upgrade/complete his Gowcaizer later on. 


By the way, his old MUGEN web site has been archived by some Japanese web site here: http://ifs.nog.cc/sim0n.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ This Japanese web site seems to archive some lost infoseek isweb's, for example, tin's old MUGEN web site archive:  http://ifs.nog.cc/tinshiva.hp.infoseek.co.jp/

All downloads in the archived sim0n's and tin's MUGEN web sites seem to be working.


For those who don't know about Bobby (AODK), here is a small introduction:


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