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Nintendo uses THIS to compete with PS4 & Xbox One.....


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I almost thought this was an attack on Nintendo topic, On a Nintendo forum

But interesting, I only played the Mahjong on the Windows Vista, Never played a real one


Perhaps my topic title is misleading :p  I am a Nintendo fan too, or I would not have mugenized a Link for MUGEN.


I know how to play the real Mahjong and let me tell you different countries have different Mahjong rules:

- China (the birth place of all Mahjong's)

- Taiwan

- Japan

**  there are public real Mahjong contests in China/Taiwan/Japan too!  Not to mentioned related products like video games, movies, novels, comics, and even food - Mahjong sushi


- Western countries.........not so sure though.............all I see is the Shanghai Mahjong clearance game......

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Comics and novels too? That is like a reverse Yugi but instead of TV(Or maybe something else?) to Real life it is Real life to another media Anyway I haven't played anything besides the Western Mahjong on PC Since that Mahjong set is from Ninty, Me want

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Yeah its true, Nintendo was a Card Company before (to those who did not know)

And they told other types of games, Majong is one of them.


Eventually in the 80's they released a toaster, and the saved gaming forever.

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