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Ness's 234 Character Mugen Fighting Jam Screenpack (SFZ3+MFJ Inspried)


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Well, I've been saying I was going to release this for awhile, so here it is!  My screenpack edit/mod for 1.0

It's not 100% perfect, but everything here is included, so you can just extract it, and start adding stages, characters etc. and star playing!

I'm hoping you folks here will enjoy it!  I can't say I put a TON of work into it, but I did go through a good bit of trial and error getting it to where I wanted it to be.  It's made as if it were a low-res pack, using the 640x480 local cord.  It holds up to 234 characters, and does not use any special portraits.  If someone even wants to pick up where I left off and modify it anymore, or give me suggestions please feel free!


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

Survival Fonts:

Posted Image

In Game:

Posted Image

Posted Image


I credited anyone and everyone (that I could remember) who's works helped to makes this and inspire this!  Again, thank you for checking this out, hope you enjoy!

Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/p1c6cm346zaz01d/Ness%27s+SP+%281.0%29.rar


EDIT:  Today 7:22 AM 11/5/2013, I re-uploaded the screenpack, it wasn't letting anyone download due to some sort of copyright violation, so I swapped out the Melee themes for the CFJ ones in the sound folder, as well as tightening up some things, I redrew the randomselect box, adjusted some positioning for ceartin things and added the SFZ3 lifebars by Nikkio78 as the default lifebars with the KoF XII ones available as an alternate.  Sorry about the downtime guys, and this isn't the final update either, I plan on recoloring the lifebars, and doing a few others things before it's all said and done.  Enjoy!


Also ...


WinMugen Version: 





What's in for the next edit?

- Re-coloring the SFZ3 Lifebars, and slightly editing them to match the screenpack a little more.

- Possibly a new voice/sound patch for the announcer.

- New Font of the Title/Select Theme.

- Un-Copyrighted versions of SSBM music for the screenpack (Original music was from SSBM, but wouldn't let people download seeing as it was copyrighted Posted Image')

- Alternate .def files, possibly different arrangement of selectblocks, and alternate .defs with varied sizes for folks who want smaller rosters, or even bigger ones.

- Fixing the VS screen.


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+ classic style + easy to use IMO -use a menu font on the title screen that contasts more from the --title itself or adjust the font so it only appears in the bottom black part of the title screen sprite. - Arrange the select screen character spots so the don't block the scrolling "choose your character." - offset your P2 port closer to the right on the vs screen. - the edges of the blue border where it curves at is jagged Nice work, bro.

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Great job, Ness! This is hot, I love the versus and fight intro screens so much! Those capcom styled graphics are way hottern than all that SNK and Touhou stuff



Really glad you like it sir!  Lifebars are actually from King of Fighters through :-p I can't wait to see it in videos and screenshots :-)

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Really good ! I like particulary the VS screen :


Posted Image



Thank you sir, I've actually been debating on changing the vs symbol around a little but I'm glad you dig it!~  :-)

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Namely the ps2 port moving and finding a more suitable font


[VS Screen]
time = 150                ;Time to show screen
fadein.time = 15
fadeout.time = 15
;Match text in arcade modes
match.text = "Match %i"   ;%i can be used for the match number
match.offset = 159, 12
match.font = 3,0,0
;Big portraits
p1.spr = 9000, 1
p1.offset =  20,31
p1.facing = 1
p1.scale = 1,1
p2.spr = 9000, 1
p2.offset = 299,31
p2.facing = -1
p2.scale = 1,1
p1.name.offset  =  78,190
p1.name.font =   3,0,0
p2.name.offset  = 241,190
p2.name.font =   3,0,0
Adjust the numbers in red to change the P2 port offset. It works the same way you would adjust them on the select screen or the postition of the boxes on the select screen.
spr = system.sff          ;Filename of sprite data
snd = system.snd          ;Filename of sound data
logo.storyboard =         ;Logo storyboard definition (optional)
intro.storyboard =        ;Intro storyboard definition (optional)
select = select.def       ;Character and stage selection list
fight = fight.def         ;Fight definition filename
font1 = f-4x6.def         ;System fonts
font2 = f-6x9.def         ;System fonts
font3 = jg.fnt            ;System fonts
The numbers in red are the font numbers and the font names. To find the font in the system file, just locate the font number in the following code.
;Title screen definition
[Title Info]
fadein.time = 10
fadeout.time = 10
menu.pos = 159,158
menu.item.font = 3,0,0
menu.item.active.font = 3,5,0
menu.item.spacing = 0, 13
; Names for each of the items in the menu. Names must be in quotes.
; Use "" to disable an item. If all are disabled, goes straight to demo mode
; (hold Esc to quit demos).
menu.itemname.arcade = "ARCADE"
menu.itemname.versus = "VS MODE"
menu.itemname.teamarcade = "TEAM ARCADE"
menu.itemname.teamversus = "TEAM VS"
menu.itemname.teamcoop = "TEAM CO-OP"
menu.itemname.survival = "SURVIVAL"
menu.itemname.survivalcoop = "SURVIVAL CO-OP"
menu.itemname.training = "TRAINING"
menu.itemname.watch = "WATCH"
menu.itemname.options = "OPTIONS"
menu.itemname.exit = "EXIT"
; These parameters define the window in which the items are visible
; in.
menu.window.margins.y = 12, 8
menu.window.visibleitems = 5
menu.boxcursor.visible = 1     ;Set to 0 to disable default cursor display
menu.boxcursor.coords = -58,-10,57,2
; These are the sounds for cursor movement
cursor.move.snd = 100,0
cursor.done.snd = 100,1
cancel.snd = 100,2
The red code determines the font when the item is not selected and the blue code is when it is selected. The yellow digit is the font number, and the green digit is the font color assigned in the sprite file. Not every font file uses that.  Based on this example the font being used font 3, or jg.fnt. 
Hope this helps. :yaoming:
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This Jam one remind me of anime jam fighting . -_-


Is supose that's a bad thing?  Well, to each his own I suppose, it was supose to be a Capcom theme Mugen screenpack, not really suited to a particular style, but feedback is feedback, thank you!  :bye:


Nice job.


The red select boxes doesnt fit with the rest of the screens (Cuz they are blue lol) and the versus looks clashy bcoz of the font style and the red Glow....Other tha that does looks like a Capcom Screenpack lol


Red Boxes have been noted, I'm debating on re-spriting a new one from scratch some time in the near future, and the vs logo on the vs screen is something I still have planned to change, I'd really like to make it similar to the SFZ3 version.  Just need help with coding that.


OK. But I'm pretty busy. It may take a while from the time you send it.


Hey buddy, take your time, if I can get some help, I'm not going to be picky about when it's done, I'm just glad it's mostly getting positive reviews :-)

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Topic Updated, added updated link featuing Nikkio78's lifebars, as well as the WinMugen version as well which come with Zions's SF3SI lifebars as an alternate choice for WinMugen users.

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