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Mirai Stage Edits

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Because, no reason to keep them private anymore.
Video Courtesies by Swordsman-Kai


Silent Winter Evening
Bright Summer Day
Windy Fall Afternoon

Codes has been altered, so Winmugen+ users can run them as well. Slightly animated and stuff, no highjump.

Credit goes to:
- WattaWright, MarkPachi and dbdrummer7 for the original stage, "Tengoku no Hana Train Station" (can be found here).
- Pinakes for the original artworks.
- Genesis for cleaning the skies (Winter).
- Kurogane for sunlight sprites (Summer).
- GLB and Diss for bird sprites (Summer and Fall).
- Nanaya Shiki for snow sprites (Winter).
- Unknown Author for leaf sprites (Fall).
- The Magic Toaster and Swordsman-Kai for testing.

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