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Sadodes: What a nice day to chop a head off

Shiki: (With Mikiya Kokutou Pallet) Not on my watch.

Sadodes: You can't beat me Mikiya

Shiki: That's the thing, i'm not Mikiya, you faker.

Sadodes: Oh well, just fight already

Do you also know the BGM for this?

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I finally beat this damn old man. Seriously, why old people in Mugen are so hard?


No Strange Ash this time, it's the REAL Ash MA


KOKO Desuka Duel (And a Notification that this music belongs elsewhere :/ )


I'm a little rusty with Hazama


And i'm a lot more rusty with Kaede


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More Black Holes, Masa..., i mean, Heero Yui will have a hard time (Since this is not Super Robot Wars)




Ninja Kureha KENZAN!!!




Another fight is coming, but it will take a while

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