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[Mighty Warriors]Cypher

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So, this was my project for a bit of time now. Heres the result.Sadly a couple of the sprites are missing due to reasons i cant figure out how to get around.

Whats Missing?

-2nd frame of his jump sprite(couldnt rip the 2nd frame for it beccause of the lifebars(Not like its really used mainly since he dosent do much in the air other then his Drill kick).
-Defeat Animation(Just the rest of the frames for his defeat animation. I wasnt able to rip it becuase the fonts were in the way of it and there was no way(that i know of) to get rid of it).


Cypher: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sbxix2yel30od44/Cypher+Sprites.rar

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