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Las Vegas by Vegaz


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Hey LightFlare, would be cool if you could make a single thread with all your sueper jump stages, just a suggestion bruh. :awesome

Thanks bro! Me and my "associates" have discussed that very thing. Maybe its time to out that plan in action.

LOL dat tittle XD

Btw how many stages are on the game? •.-

Well...there's about 30 in sfa3 alone. But I won't be doing them all. I'm pulling from all 3 Alpha games. Some stages where already made or being made. So I won't be doing those either. One stage per character, till every character from the alpha series has a superjump stage.

Hmm Las Vegaz by Vegas?

Pretty cool stage i must say.

Sup Kills?! Thanks for the support.
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:=D: Redundant title is redundant! Thanks, homie! Actually, my boy mpower(at the Guild)mentioned that although he likes the sfa3 bgm, he was a big fan of the classic joint. If only someone could out a "Klassic Kut." That would be awesome... :hmm:


Thanks for another stage SFA3! When I was working over compilation SFZ3 HD, I used the classic bgm Balrog stage from Super Street Fighter II Turbo! Here it is! Enjoy!



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so, ya boi decided to go in a different direct, but y'might be pleased with tha results nonetheless:




if this satisfies you Realest, kindly post this on MFG; if i post it, it might get deleted due to it bein' over a month since tha last post, even tho it's an update of sorts [this has happen'd to me a few times before], & if that happens, i

will rage out. you doin' it will solve that issue. simple, no?


enjoy dem shitz y'all  :goodmood:

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