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Akira Yuki 0.12 ( VF) Updated 8/7/13 By chuchoryu

Lord Batros

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Move List
Rimon Chochu: F, F, Any Punch  EX Properties
Double Air Kick: F, F, Any Kick   EX Properties
*NOTE* Push again any Kick and Akira Hit again in the air
Foward SP Punch: F+ Any punch
Combo 1: x, x, x
Combo 2: y, y
Special thanks to:
KakarotRaruto: he give me the Akira voices from Virtua Fighter 3
Aprilmon: He give me more voices from other character from Virtua Fighter and I acomplish the Akira voices
DivineWolf: I use the KFM basic made by him to starting Akira Yuki
Alexzon22: He gime me some sprites he make to long time ago to acomplish Akira moves; Rimon Chochou and Double Kick
Mezzamerald: Mi amigo Mezzamerald make the stage for Akira
nds silva: For give me permssion to use the stance he make in Devian Art
And you for Download this character, you rocks amigo!!
More to come...
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