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DW 4 Cursed Tower Battle - Dragon Warrior 4 Inspired Stage

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(Video contributed by Swordsman-Kai)

So, i've been playing alot of RPGs lately and i happen to come across this song while playing on a RPG maker game so i got curious about it so one thing lead to the other it made me feel like doing this stage. i hope you all enjoy this stage. Please leave feedback.
Credit and Thanks
- BenjiroKun for the floor sprites (Sengoku Basara X)
- Type Wild for the floating castle and skeleton sprites (Guilty Gear XX Reload)
- Kuroneko for sky and chains sprites (Hokuto no Ken)
- RandomTalkingBush for soul sprites (Immaterial and Missing Power)
- Compatibility: Mugen 1.0 and Winmugen+
- Animation: Yes.
- Superjump: Yes
- Parallax: No

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Good, I need more stages like this for my Fantasy Mugen. I also need a fantasyish screen pack, but one that is standard Mugen 1.0 size. I need to learn how to convert screen packs to the size I like instead of being lazy -____- Anyway I'll give it a try.

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Just by looking at the video.


-Clashy sprites mainly on the floating castles could darker the shading a bit.

-Add a shadow under the skeletons guessing they are solid if not then add a lil of transparency so they look more like spirits also darker is shading too cuz clash.

-Add more variety to the floating castle movement looks kinda weird that all the castles move at the same time and same speed imo.


I would say this is your second best stage yet but needs more work imo.

Well downloading it tomorrow cuz busy atm.

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