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MvC2 Mr Fantastic v1.8 released (update) by Femrril

Lord Batros

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http://www.sendspace.com/file/ixuooj  - New Link 7/18/13


Version 1.8 What New

-Fixed bugs in Pinball Hyper, now works properly
-Added Super Armor code in Pinball Hyper
-Added a more aggresive AI
-Fixed bugs in the dash forward and backward moves
-Fixed bugs in the Propeller Arms special and now you can stop the move pressing "s" (Start)
-Improved the code in the fantas-tech moves, in all of them
-Added new funcinability to the fantas-tech moves
-Added custom states in Bungie Punches Hyper
-Fixed bugs in Fantastic Bliz
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alright then.


as for the char hes getting better? I guess he still feels weird and has alot of invincible frames where there shouldn't be any. Also the fact his spinning attack has no hit sound which bugs me.

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good to know plz add a sound during the spinning attack its really weird just hearing a spin with no impact sound, I personally think the move where he puts his hands down to make a big fist on the enemy is WAY to safe and easily abused with its near invincible frames and what not.


if you do his stretchy hands super from a heavy distance only one of the fists will hit the enemy each time resulting in half damage.


some of his damage feels WAY to high imo but that might just be my preference.

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sorry to ask, but Zvitor is aware of that, right?

Zvitor gave a white card to update Mr Fantastic to aa250, but he cancelled new updates for him cuz he is kinda busy. I worked with aa250 helping to fix some chars before, so i asked if i could update Mr Fantastic and he told me that i could do it.


Besides, Zvitor is working in a new Mr Fantastic for one of his projects Avengers vs X-men or Project X, not sure. Even Bdc in the CC forum has his own version of Mr Fantastic for the Shi'ar project, so this mvc2 version was going to be forgotten, i decided to save him from oblivion and update him, cuz i saw potencial in this char.


I m gonna add new moves for the next update, but i wanted to hear some feedback from the community about how it goes so far.

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