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King of Street Origin made by WooshaQ lowress converted to mugen 1.0


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I've wanted the original for years. Now I get it for 1.0?! :joyful:


yup its for the mugen 1.0 and BTW I love your dragon ball z screen pack and your other screen pack as well keep up with the great work lightflare you just made another  new fan on your list  :) love your work I sure to support u man

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I forgot all about this Screenpack. Thanks for bringing it back to life.

thank you and BIG thanks to Ryon video guide and Shin Haduo for  teaching Video and show me about converting screen pack they are great teacher and helpers

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also would be nice if I can fine the hires version of it but the problem is that. I found the patch for it but when I use it  start to cause most kind crash for the  mugen 1.0 and I don't know how to get it fixed with patch was made long ago

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