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[NES] Does anybody here actually enjoy Contra?


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I must admit to my usage of the Konami code when playing Contra for the first time -_-".

Same here, buddy, same here.


i don't like the mugen version of contra... characters too big :)

otherwise its ok i guess... i just die all the time because ur getting shot by tiny little bullets that can't be seen or avoided

There's a M.U.G.E.N.




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I enjoyed contra too

Most of my family and myself played that game

and we still have it to this day.

Yeah, whenever I get the chance, I get together with Dad and we play. The funny part is that he always loses all of his lives, then he starts using mine. lol


I never played contra untill now and it...hard :donwan: and super contra even harder :omg:

Remember the code, mon ami, remember... :)

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