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Stages Request Contest. Difficulty Level:Extreme

Mr. KOtik


These are very difficult requests so thats why I'm offering something in return for your possible goodwill. If you can manage to obtain one, you will be put down for 1 point in the scoreboard. Whoever scores the highest by the 30th of June(ties won't count towards anyone winning), will receive a pack of 9 very hard to find (some private) characters. Thank you to all who participate. Also if you just want to help and not participate in the Contest thats fine as well.

Edit: Any stage submissions that are edits or old updated versions of the original stage by the original authors requested will grant you .5 points.

Edit2: All Participants will receive a 300 stage pack put together by me, made up of low and hi res stages at the end of the Contest. 


UnderGround Missile Silo by: Master Swordsman       Winter Storm by: Master Swordsman                           Medieval Chateau by: AJP 77

  z1w8.pngsnow1f.gif  chateaumedieval.jpg

                          (Filename: ???)                                                             (Filename: ???)                                                     (Filename: ???)

                          If you manage to answer any of these 3, you will automatically receive 3 of the 9 characters for each one.


Metro City Subway #Graffiti on the Tracks by: KM                    Midnight Fantasia by: Azami                                    Abandoned Dream by: Azami     

2efhmvq.pngmidnightfantasia.jpg  e9svo0.jpg

             (Filename:FFightSubwayExit)                                                  (Filename: ???)                                                       (Filename: ???)


     ADELHEID-THE SKYSCRAPER by: Azami                              CYBER-SHOCK by: Azami                                    NIGHT-FIRE-RUINS By: Azami

2upqzrc.jpg35bxzfa.jpg  kcc67l.jpg

                          (Filename: ???)                                                       (Filename: ???)                                                          (Filename: ???)


  GUILTY GEAR-THE FUTURE CITY by: Azami                 INVERNESS OF MY MIND by: Azami                             HEROES MONUMENT by :Azami 9lzm.png  qkd5.jpg  fypdu1.png

                         (Filename: ???)                                                       (Filename: ???)                                                      (Filename: ???)


    PALAREL WORLD OEDO CITY by: Azami                   PALACE IN HELLSTORM by: Azami                                Cybertic World by: Azami

f6il.png  yelc.jpgsl6j.png

                       (Filename: ???)                                                           (Filename: ???)                                                            (Filename: ???)


  Dust City by: ???(Previously Hosted by Azami)      Magma-Ravine by: ???(Previously Hosted by Azami)

crq0.png  mrmm.png

                          (Filename: ???)                                                       (Filename: ???)





                                                                    2luzxjc.png Winner:Phantom Blood=6 Point(s)=9 Rare & Private Characters + 300 Stage Pack

                                                                    2. Hayonik= 2 Point(s)=300 Stage Pack

                                                                    3. Femrril= .5 point(s)=300 Stage Pack

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Not checking any files due to lack of time


Winter storm > uploaded older file from 4years ago

underground missile silo > uploaded

Cybertic World > uploaded

Magma-Ravine > uploaded

Future city > uploaded


the cyber shock > could only find azamix version edited by omega z


> http://www.sendspace.com/file/ixn1of


Only took an hour of hunting net and harddrive :noway:

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Interesting, i found Dark Winter Storm stage a variation of winter storm stage made by the same autor :




Link :



Yeah I know about that one, its very different from the Original Winter storm though. What makes Winter Storm so rare is that not even Master Swordsman himself has it anymore. Also not many collectors seem to own it. Thanks for your post though.

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Jeez Phantom Blood, you are something to be reckoned with, I honestly cannot say I expected this. Only taking 1 hour to do all this seems near impossible especially Underground Silo but, I don't doubt you did. You got some insane net hunting skills and what must be a massive collection lol. Also the Winter Storm stage you provided me with is the newer version of the stage I'm asking for. The one I want has no snow on the temple or tree.  http://forum.mgbr.net/index.php?showtopic=35714 Thank you.


Thanks Hayonik for Dust City, also yeah Chateau Medieval seems to be one of those lost stages.

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No thats not it. Sorry I didn't provide more information with that stage. Heres the original release topic: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/11-stages-km-released-new-site-created-79009.0.html


Here is the Author's offline website: http://web.archive.org/web/20080430225205/http://kmmousemugen.bravehost.com/Stages.html


The Download for it describes what the stage consists of and would look like: http://web.archive.org/web/20080503221514/http://www.esnips.com/doc/5a3a1179-8943-4cbd-b39e-183fd6872429/FFightSubwayExit


Also thank you very much again for Heroes Monument.

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Congratulations Phantom Blood, you destroyed the competition with 6 points! Thank you Phantom Blood, Hayonik, and Femrril for the time you put into searching for these stages for my cause and I hope I can provide you guys with something useful and I guarantee there will be things you do not already own. I sent out the winner's pack and the 300 stage packs.Thanks again guys.

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