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DBZ (mugen 1.0 640x480) by Vegaz P

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Sup, peeps? Coming from left field is an original screenpack for DBZ characters!(Really?!) Lol! I was gonna originally keep you are his for myself, but I like to share. So, here ya go. Its not groundbreaking, but you may find some enjoyment in it. It has a title, options, select, versus and victory screens. It has custom lifebars. There edited MSH bars, originally created by @wlacobain.

The download link will take you to 4 files. If you want the screenpack just download the data file. If you want a solid compilation, try downloading the sound, char and stage files. All chars and stages can be found at Stag87's website.


Choujin Style is the all around best style in terms of DBZ characters. IMO. The sounds are the Ultimate Tenkaichi ost edited by yours truly. Stages, sounds and chars are assigned in the system.def, so just plug the four files in your mugen and you're good to go.

Thanks to Markpachi and Alpyne D. Also a special shout out to all the creators at Mugendream. Enjoy...

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