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Alex Kidd by OrochiWeapon2000 released 5/20/13

Phantom Blood

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Better late than never I suppose...


Alex Kidd's gameplay can be compared to MvC2 in a sense. He's got power charging (CvS), chain combos and aerial raves (MvC2), and a bunch of attacks and abilities based off the various games he appeared in as well as other popular SEGA games, but everything is made to be more "fighting game friendly". You might be plesantly surprised at how much stuff is packed into this little character. There's a lot of sound effects taken from various SEGA games as well. Plenty of fan service can be found here.


He also comes with his own custom stage based off his original game "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" (complete with BGM). I'd make a intro and ending for him, but I've got no idea how to make those yet. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

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