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My soundpacks


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Hi guys, this is my grain of sand to this subforum. Here're the packs I got for you to use and make your own characters:


Posted Image

1. ClayFighter 63 1/3

Thanks to SRip program I ripped almost all sounds from this cool N64 game, and I said almost since it hasn't the voices of characters, but everything else is here: sound FX, screenpack sounds and even the announcer (let's get ready to Cruuuuumbleeeeeeeeeeee!!)


Posted Image

2. Groove on Fight

Also known as Power Instinct 3, Ryoga_rg ripped all character voices and FX for this game and asked me to host in my website. The file is big, but you can find all chars here n_n


I hope to rip more soundpacks in a future, by now enjoy with these ones...



Add-Ons -> Resources

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I always wonder how people like you can rip perfect sounds/voices like that............thank you by the way!

The Clay fighter sounds can be ripped through N64 Ripper I ripped a few Sin and Punishment quotes thanks to that program.

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