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Persona 4 Arena - Akihiko 1.0 NOW 1.0!


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- When Akihiko bursts while Ceasar is out (5D/j.D) Ceasar still appears with Akihiko during the burst.
- Cyclone Upper lags the hell out of my mugen. (Probably the super bg?)
- Still can't do Ducking or Weaving during Kill Rush
- Still no Counter/Fatal Counter?
- Speaking of Cyclone Upper, Does he do the Lvl 2 version randomly? I'm not sure how to level it up.
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He's supposed to do ducking and weaving during kill rush. Try faster! 5D really? Hmm I'll check that. Want me to take out the super bg for cyclone. The Level 2/3 Cyclone Uppers are coded through varsets (if you cancel properly, it levels the cyclone upper). I'll fix these problems and quickly upload a fix.


Ok, I fixed most of the issues and actually implemented the cyclone system/fatal counter. For every successful counter, you can a level up, so use it wisely! Cyclone Upper lag is fixed (apparently it spawned more than 1 super bg animation...) lol 


Update Link: (Being uploaded)

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