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Art of Fury Beta-03 by kamenashi_kun Released (02/03/2013).


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I stoled those screenshots =P

This release includes :
* Full screenpack (except storyboards)
* Lifebars, sparks etc
* 18 characters : Ryo, Terry, Robert, Andy, Takuma, Joe, Yuri, Mai, Lee, Tung, John, Yamazaki, Eiji, Billy, Mr.Karate, Wild Wolf, Mr.Big and Krauser
* All characters' stages with BGM
note : to select Mr.Karate, highlight Ryo and just press left. to select Wild Wolf, highlight Terry and press right.
Characters' movelist are included in the parent directory.
As I'm saying since the begining, don't be waiting for a KOF-like gameplay. This game plays like "Real Bout Fatal Fury" and "Art of Fighting". Thank you. 
Damage and defence values have been arranged depending on the character you're playing. Also I tried to avoid DINO-DAMAGES


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