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Guy (P.O.T.S.+Bushin Edit)


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Guy (P.O.T.S.+Bushin Edit)

Based on an older version of P.O.T.S Guy before he removed some of his previous combo's

Special Thanks: Ryon Persaud, Alex Masters, JED Dragon, Syn, Project 13,Psycho Jolteon, and whoever did those awesome sprites I added.

Whats New?

1. Palm Blast: LP+MP "is combo-able after bread and butter four hit"
2. Throw Combo: LP,MP,HP, M+HP  "Was configured this way so the command would not happen on accident"
3. LVL3 Zen Palm: F,D,B,F,D,B+HK "Health needs to be bellow 50%"
4. Special intros: Vs. Cody, Maki, Final Fight Cast, Ninja, and Fat characters.
5. Ending: hardly mentionable because I suck at converting with minimal color loss if someone could find these scans in a higher quality convert them for me I would be happy to recode the ending.

"By no means is this character perfect I am new to coding and I feel as if the job I did was sufficient, If someone else would like to take the time to make the coding tighter or slightly fix and tweak it please do so, I don't have the time.  I will happily re-upload and credit you for the fixes."

Whats wrong with the edit?  "Allow me to save you the time"
1. Sloppy Coding
2. Zen Palm Needs more coding for hit cancel as well as a sound for missing
3. Needs more coding for p2 stay on floor after Zen Palm
4. And maybe a hit box for his palm blast but if I remember correctly Maki's spinning kick has invincibility so I wanted to make that equal.
5-100+. Whatever the mugen community feels like bitching about because they can.

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Just take your time man. Keep experimenting. just look at certain characters that may have coding similar to what moves you are trying to do^^


and keep thinking out side the box with ideas. If you dont do it somebody else definitely will^^


Good luck

That's all well and good but until I get my career its a back seat project.  If I should have to be the one to fix it won't be for a least another 3 or 4 months from now.  It is still very functional it does not crash your mugen it works efficiently I just don't know coding well enough to add a couple things to the ultra.  That's why I am leaving the opportunity up to anyone to do so.  It's still pretty badass as is.  Coding around an already existing character creates some challenges, at least give the character a shot I think you will enjoy what I added.

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