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Mountains (2 Versions) + Sonic 3 Special Stage


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Mountains - http://www.mediafire...qd87e4eeae5m8hq

Sonic 3 - http://www.mediafire...ikgtamsdbrht280


These stages and more in the future, are part of my "Series Of Low Res Stages"

Im a huge fan of pixels.

And in this day and age of beautiful high res high definition art work, that has anti alias written all over it, I think the pixel should have its day to shine as well.

I didnt finish recoding the stages for mugen 1.1, but it can wait.

Mountain's Stage originally from a RPG called "Brave Prove". I took the tiles and compiled them into the stage you see.

Sonic's Stage is obviously from the actual game.

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^that and some raindrops. Also a smaller set of rain behind the floor.


then next time say what kind of updates!

don't just say updates like a idiot.

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