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[MAJOR UPDATE] Sakura Haruno


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Major Update:

Всем Привет!

Sakura got some work done and is back with a vengeance (ok, maybe not.) Here's a list of changes:

- Replaced Old Hitsparsk, SlashSpark, SuperSpark, and Dust with newer, better looking counterparts.

- Changed various sound effects throughout different moves.

- Added a spark to weapon collisions (wall, floor, guard and weapon clash).

- Retouched Shousen No Jutsu and Superhuman Strength effects.

- Improved the appearance of the PalFX in Superhuman Strength as well as added an AfterImage to make the effect more prominent and stand out.

- Improved the logic of Exploding Kunai:

-- No more friendly fire on the explosion.

-- Fixed a bug where players could "pass off" the bomb by walking past each other. The timer could be on one player, yet another would explode. This would only happen in Simultaneous mode.

-- Improved the look of the fire particles and changed the logic they behave by.

-- Removed the transparency on the timer text.

-- Changed the explosion effect to something better looking.

This update is (in theory) a lot smaller than Sasuke's was, but it was still necessary. Enjoy the new and improved Sakura.

До встречи)))

Older Updates:

Jiraiya Compatible Update;

- Frog Sprites added for compatibility with Jiraiya

- Fixed a bug in Maiden's Fist where the enemy was sent the wrong way and never would hit the wall.

- Fixed a bug causing no sounds or effects to play or show when the enemy hit the wall.

- Fixed a small bug that caused Sakura to repeat her animation after her Superhuman Strength powerup

faded away.

- Changed the explosion sprites to be larger and more menacing looking :P

- Changed the radius of Explosive Kunai's Explosion.

- Power is now gained regardless of a hit or not.

- Added Super Portraits, Sparks, and Effects as seen in Saskue and Jiraiya (at the time of writing this)

- New Palettes (Non of the original)

Final Update:

- Both Maiden's Fist and Maiden's Fist Combo have a new mechanic:

For Single Maiden's Fist, she punches and knocks the enemy into the wall. They bounce off the wall ready to be comboed. For Maiden's Fist Combo, it's the same concept only the punch to the wall only applies on the final hit in the combo.

- Explosive Kunai has an added mechanic: Kunais now explod on impact of the wall, floor or while guarding guarding.

- Kawarimi can no longer be used to escape super or hyper attacks, throws, or projectiles.

- Kawarimi can not be done while guarding.


- Changed the effects for both Punch Ground and Cherry Blossom Impact. They look a lot better now.

- Increased various hit pauses on basic moves and such to be more real and more combo potential

- More combos are possible:






A,A,Down+A, A,A,A,A OR B,B,B,B (You can combo into Explosive Kunai from here if you're fast enough)


A,A,B,Down+A, A,A,A,A OR B,B,B,B (You can combo into Explosive Kunai from here as well)

And my personal favorite that's quite hard to pull off:

A,A,B,Forward Dash,A,A,B,Down+A, A,A,A,A OR B,B,B,B ,Explosive Kunai.

- Fixed the EnvShake on Punch Ground and Cherry Blossom Impact. The ground now moves downward first as it should.

- Fixed Crouching Uppercut's guarding infinite.

- Add Laharl's English sound back. (Instructions are in the README.)

Hey Guys,

This is my next release from the NZC series: Sakura Haruno. She's a heavy hitter who excels with thrown weapons. She's got a power buff based on chakra and a new AI system that scales based on MUGEN's difficulty. Enjoy.



;-------------- SAKURA'S README.txt ---------------------;


Name: Sakura Haruno

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Description: This is my second character using the NZC sprites. She is a heavy hitter who

attacks with slow powerful punches and excels with thrown weapons.

Source: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai! Cha-Krash.

Version: 1.1

MUGEN Version: 1.0


Neimad for ripping the sprites from NZC.

Laharl and Ryon for beta testing.

Laharl for making the English soundpack.


Sakura has both an English and Japanese sound pack.

To change them just open up her .def file

and change the line that starts with "snd = " to one of the following:

snd = sakura_nzc.en.snd ; for English


snd = sakura_nzc.jp.snd ; for Japanese


;-------------------- COMMANDS --------------------------;


Basic Commands:

Walking - Yes

Run (Dashing) - Yes

Crouching - Yes

Jump - Yes

Launcher (via Crouching) - Yes

Air Dash - Yes

Commands are mapped across the a, b, and c keys for simple

play style. A is for lighter attacks, b for medium, and c for

snake based attacks that do a little extra damage but are slower.


Command Name - Command - Power Requirements (If Applicable)


Notes: If any.

Special Movements:

Punch Ground - QCB+a - 1000

Description: Sakura punches the ground with all her might sending dirt and debris into

the air. The opponent is sent flying when hit.

Maiden's Fist - QCF+a - 1000

Description: Sakura punches the enemy with all her might. It's a slow move so timing is crucial. The enemy is sent

backwards if hit by the move.

Shousen No Jutsu - QCB+b - 3000

Description: Sakura channels her chakra to heal all of her wounds.

Note: She will stay in this state of recovery until hit or has full health.

Cherry Blossom Impact - QCF+b - 2000

Description: Sakura jumps into the air and rockets to the ground, smashing it with her fist. The enemy will be sent upwards

if hit by the move. Sakura can then jump up with them for some combo possibilites

Note: This move can also be done in the air and if done in the air, she'll simply rocket to the ground.

Maiden's Fist Combo - QCB+c - 2000

Description: Sakura attempts to punch the enemy. If successful, she'll launch the into the air, teleport

to the enemies anticipated location from the ground, and punch them again for a nice finisher.

Note: During any part of this move, Sakura can be hit so use it wisely.

Throw Explosive Kunai - QCF+c - 1000

Description: Sakura throws a kunai at the enemy infused with a ticking time bomb. If hit successfully,

a 10-second counter will appear above the target's head and you will have 10 seconds to get out of the way or finish

up some combos. After the 10 seconds are up, the kunai inside the target will detonate and do damage (and possibly internal bleeding :P)

Note: The explosion injurs all enemies in range.

This move can be done in the air as well as on the ground.

Superhuman Strength - QCF+z or QCB+z - 1000 or greater.

Description: Sakura channels her chakra to enhance the power of her melee attacks.

Note: This move will consume all available chakra and designate a power boost

based on how much was consumed. Must have at least 1000 power

to consume before this move is available for use.

Using this with 3000 power yields some pretty

deadly results, so some might want to save

their chakra for this. :)

Pressing z after being hit at least one, will consume

200 power to teleport Sakura using Kawarimi. She will appear

behind P2 ready to start comboing. Kawarimi is a log.


;--------------------- CONCLUSION -----------------------;


Sakura is a balanced character who combines her heavy melee attacks

with quickly thrown weapons such as kunai knifes and shuriken. In combination,

she dishes out some pretty nice damage. I enjoyed making her and learned some

new things along the way. Some mistakes with Sasuke were not made this go around

and she should be pretty much ok :) Enjoy.

AI, as always, is by me but this time takes a different spin off from the usual. Sakura's AI scales with MUGEN's difficulty.

With a difficulty of one, Sakura will be extremely easy to beat, but with a difficulty of 8, she's extremely hard

to beat.

Note: I make all my characters for MUGEN 1.0. I do NOT support WinMUGEN in any way. I believe that everyone should switch to MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1

certainly when the time comes. Please do not complain to me or anyone else that my characters are for MUGEN 1.0. It's for the better

and all MUGEN 1.0 users know that.

Why am I making these characters? Why? Isn't it obvious? I hate what's been done to all these Naruto characters. Just because they might 1-shot you in the Anime, doesn't mean that normal video gaming concepts don't apply. Am I right? Well, yeah. I'm trying to give these characters a better name. Make them usable, playable, and most importantly not cheap.

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