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[Updated 2/20/2014] Orochimaru's Lair


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Hey guys, this one was quicker than the last because the intricate details were mostly hashed out when creating Suigetsu's Stage's breakable water tanks. Anyway, I give you Orochimaru's Lair. Here's what's what:

[o] - Color corrected all source graphics

[o] - Sized the stage down to a correct aspect ratio

[+] - Added three platforms that can be stood on

[+] - Made the snake's eye's breakable. Each takes 5 hits, but once both are broken then screen gets dark... because you turned off the lights. They don't come back either.

Note: Stage interactivity will only work in NZCR. This is just so you know what to expect when you see it in game.

I'm releasing yet another stage that was never ripped from NZC: Orochimaru's Lair.

- M.U.G.E.N 1.0

- Glowing Eyes

- Fog on the ground.

- Looping BGM


[Orochimaru's Lair's Readme]

Name: Orochimaru's Lair

Series: Naruto Shippuuden

Game: Naruto Shippuuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai Cha-Crash (NZC)

Release Date: 2/20/2014

M.U.G.E.N Version: 1.0

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Description: This is Orochimaru's Lair. As with the last one, I ripped this

myself. It was really easy, so I don't really know why it hasn't been done

before, but regardless it's done.


Place the "OrochimaruLair.def" and "OrochimaruLair.sff" files in your "Stages" folder and place

the "OrochimaruLair.mp3" in your sounds folder. That's it. Add it to your select.def

and you're done.


The music was cut special and made to loop. This means that after a certain point

is passed, the song will play on a loop forever. The eyes glow on a set interval

and there is constant moving fog at the bottom, covering the floor. Enjoy.

In the NZCR full game environment, you'll be able to break the candle lights after 5 hits on each. After that happens, the entire

stage gets very dark. You'll be able to stand on various areas on the snake too.

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