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  1. it should go to releases rather collection > characters
  2. I Feel Better, for now.

  3. I feel depressed and sad... i've suffered a sexual assault... i stopped being fine having a normal life like others cause some former friends put their fingers on my butt and i'm so upset of this world full of bad people and having toxicity in it...

    I feel psychologically bad after being so open public what happened to me in real life... i'll be maybe away from each community except Blackboard Collaborate to stay on University...

    I won't be updating Collection Threads for a while until i feel well.

    1. Gaulbetti


      I understand how that feels, happened to me as well. Good luck to feeling better, hope everything calms down.

  4. Looks like that Eyedol's Link along the Randomselect website redirects me to random sites... yeah link is down.
  5. Nice Collection! i think you should have transparent images for some chars that are in Mugen -w-
  6. Seems good seeing Warner releasing another char
  7. I'm on some health issues on my stomach due of detecting a Cyst on my left testicle and maybe getting detected a Ulcer on my stomach as getting the results which maked me to stay away from a while from this thread... So i updated the thread and maybe i won't update it for a while to get well for my health and to feel better cause i'm trying to be better and worrying about my health status to not get something worse
  8. Welcome boi! Hope you get a good arrival in this place
  9. The Toughest Cheapie Char i've ever seen is Mathrus as i've saw from few images of that Hidden Malicious Character.... Actually since i think Dragon-Method chars doesn't count i would think that S-Sakuya is the toughest char i have ever seen from ohikato as She beated Ancient Donald, Crazy Catastrophe and even Chuck Norris (unhitteable)... Those Japanese and South Korean creators are high as heck. The Toughest Chars i've seen are Mast-Chen's A-Shi (Both Normal and NSFW ones) and Gaelik's Nanarman which they almost Dodge/Parry each attack.
  10. I'm Aleast OK... i have seen the results and i'll be ready to go at the hospital to get some treatment

    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      Get well soon. Is it serious?

    2. MetalGuy213


      Maybe it would be serious.... i am still trying to be well

  11. MA or Error 404 Archive will be still staying Blacklisted cause it seems VERY AWFUL too see a load of Spriteswaps, Bad edits and such.... also seeing comments from Cheapie creators which also you get banned without a proper reason without violating their ToS, it seems kind of nosense to see bad stuff there. I only reupload some "good" chars from that site to MediaFire or something else, also the mods are acting rare times like a drama llama trough any stupid reason. Even that i upload those... i only lurk rather summoning their drama llama-like toxicity.
  12. I Have (maybe) sad news.... i've got checked by doctors that i had a possible Beginous Tumor or a Hernia... it's not secured what i have trough my left ribs in the middle of my stomach... All hopes that HOPING that nothing bad happens.

    1. Weiss_Circal


      Holy shit that's horrible. I hope you turn out fine. Wish you luck.

    2. MetalGuy213


      Aleast i'm fine, i'm getting ready for being hospitalized this thursday

    3. Weiss_Circal


      Wish you luck.

  13. Added ATW. Been a long time without editing this thread šŸ˜œ
  14. I'll explain what is going on with me...Ā 

    I Started to had mental health issues due of excesive stress and Breakdowns which made my personality go trough anger and having a aggresive behiavior meanwhile i had a ton of work in University leaving me no time to keep maintaing content.

    trying to feel well i started to talk to close friends that i know since Hospital they only attend people with Covid-19 so i decided to take a 4 week break to start to reflect and not GOING trough problems.

  15. Yo! Looks Like that Kung Fu Man's stages (RandomSelect)'s website redirects me to a random page.
  16. Apologies if i didn't update the thread... i was on exams in University, i'm close for finals. I'm adding those
  17. Necro-Bump! Algun espaƱol aqui? (de Latinoamerica o EspaƱa)
  18. University could take half of my time... if i'm active on social media or playing some games specially this cause i'm just taking few hours to not keep studying 24/7

  19. Added, also fixed the creator name of Carykh
  20. Added Kung Fu Mario and evil version by ZenonPivot. However since i'm on university, i'll be doing as soon as posible to get a image of his stand animation.
  21. Apologies for the inactivity, i'll add it.
  22. Well... days ago i've started doing a video about some guy (i'd prefer not naming it there cause he's terminated from YouTube thanks of my expose video and to prevent future drama) wich mass-harras people, threatens people and he did Doxxing at my social media so i got threatened to get reported for "showing cyber-crime" of that guy however my ex-gf, close friends and my mom got involved in this and is so appreciated that this boi stopped days later since i reported him for Doxxing my personal info, Sexual Threats and Death Threats cause of a long of historial of this guy's foul stuff.

    I blocked this guy however the comments are still on that expose video till today wich i now noted that those comments are deleted by YouTube and looking it that he's terminated thanks of that i should be now calm cause his parents threatened me to get jailed as i saw on my instagram account and i deleted those comments cause this already stopped for good.

    i was taking fresh air these days after reciving a lot of threats from him and their parents to get arrested or death threating my presence so this stopped and i can be calm as well.

    1. Noside


      Interesting, I would love to see who this mofo is.

    2. jo19sh92


      I hope you'll be able to figure this crap out mate. The internet is a pretty unrelenting place.

  23. looks like that this thread should need a new guy to update those!
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