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    I like to make my own games and i like to draw. major gamer on every console.

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  1. I got it working now thanks ^^
  2. i need help on my own arcade order problem. you see I'm making my own game its called mugen smash bros, its on mugen 1.1 with a super smash bros mod but the only problem is this I'll show you the characters on my game: jason-voorhees, stages/CrystalLake.def, order=1 godzilla+, stages/city.def, order=0 Jeff the Killer, stages/INSANITY.def, order=0 ultraman1st, stages/ultraman_city.def, order=0 hellboy, stages/CMPunkArena.def, order=2 peter, stages/OCTAGON.def, order=3 rider-1st, stages/MetalCrusher.def, order=4 RenamonDv2, stages/stage.def, order=5 tommy, stages/avalon.def, order=0 Scorpion, stages/svc_hell.def, order=6 venomscorp, stages/YH-BuildingTop.def, order=7 kingg+, stages/SGTokyo.def, order=0 ultimate_guyver, stages/avalon.def, order=0 rider-2nd, stages/MetalCrusher.def, order=0 ultra7, stages/Seven_Metron.def, order=0 EvilRanger, stages/Clonegene_research_facilities.def , order=8 ShockerRider, stages/WUWO.def, order=9 Lord Zedd, stages/Green Vortex.def, order=10 I'm getting confused and i don't know what I'm doing wrong i need help and i tried the arcade maxmatches but nothing worked i put the 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 back i need help on this please and lord zedd is my boss character for my mugen smash bros game but he keeps coming up as a first person to fight and somepoint shocker rider is my boss and game ended. any ideas on fixing this?
  3. hello guys I'm new to this site. I hope everyone will like my ideas on mugen games,etc. plus i can maybe learn a thing or two from everyone cause i am still new to the character edits,etc. But anyways I hope i get to share my own creations to the world :)
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