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  1. Exactly: you can just check Mai own thread here: The provided links for the archives are still up; but as Snivy said "No password = No party"
  2. ...Why are you guys making such a fuss? I can DL those JUST fine at http://www.kohaku.trinitymugen.net/type-mugen-1-0/characters.html (as usual; did it just now.) P.S:Maybe they were offline for some other reasons('cause some years ago MFG database sent an email about MUGEN to all the major SH(Capcom/SNK/others) and the answer was: "do w/e the f*ck you want it's just a fan-game/art."(h*ck even YU-TOHARU Kirino is back online from QUITE some time...)
  3. There's this topic here: So yeah; there's an older version in the hands of a few guys and a passworded one that was scavenged...so without knowing said password we are at a stalemate; that's all...hope it was helpful .o/
  4. Emperor updated "Perfect Perfecti" on 3/04/2018 https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AIgvgiUCgPcO1FU&id=BEB67CDDE999A3B9!176&cid=BEB67CDDE999A3B9
  5. Update: deadhead deleted/changed location of his Saber Extra character(so it may be good to up it somewhere else and post the link in the collection)
  6. As the title says; long time Lurker(5 years? xD ) that decided to step into the light for a change; been around the MUGEN world (almost)since it's creation and have been active during Mugen Infantry times...annnnnnnnnd i guess that's all. Again; "Heya .o/"
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