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  1. Added all. (At this point I'm tempted to start a whole new collection for all the Chuck Norisses, lol)
  2. It would seem I'd accidentally removed her link one day when I updated the thread since her picture is still there, lol. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, I'm well aware of the issue with geocities.jp links. It's just that I tend to forget to update them, especially on somewhat inactive threads such as this one. Human nature, lol. Anyways, changed Clown's link so it now leads directly to Wani's OneDrive folder.
  4. At least Amazon, the second Iron Lantern and Nightcreeper—who are palette swaps themselves—have a new companion now :P. Added.
  5. Cool, I didn't know Adamskie's still around. Added.
  6. Thanks, I've been out of the loop on these.
  7. Thanks for always having my back. ❤️
  8. Update: - [Originals] Spider-Man (Earth-127601) by Lugi1276
  9. Update: Character: - Chaos Darkness by kirbey & 邓v东西 Add-Ons: - Ultraman M.U.G.E.N & Ultraman VS M.U.G.E.N screenpack by jalu_joestar
  10. Update: - [Marvel Classics] Venom (Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety) by Lugi1276
  11. Update: - [Fan Games] MegaMari Yukari by IF
  12. This is a great addition, not only to this collection but also the Touhou one. Hats off to you!
  13. That's one item off the missing list, thanks!
  14. CREATOR'S COLLECTION: IF IF is (was?) a Japanese MUGEN creator, notorious for their penchant for releasing their characters for a limited time, resulting in them being regarded as "hard to find" by the MUGEN community, and often hoarded by collectors to further create a false sense of "rarity". With this thread, I hope to finally put an end to this practice once and for all, and to provide a one-stop destination for everyone trying to locate these characters. Click on the images to download! Note: This collection is also available in form of a MEGA folder, which can be accessed here. PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD LIST OF CHARACTERS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE
  15. Oof, I had no idea. Molecule Man looked decent enough sprite-wise that I failed to make the connection (knowing Cesar though, he probably swiped the sprites from somewhere else). But yeah, both characters should be in the correct sections now.
  16. Update: - [Marvel Classics] Spider-Man (Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety) by Lugi1276
  17. You've delivered once again, Kirbey! 🙏 Update: - Added King Joe STORAGE Custom by kirbey & 邓v东西
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