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  1. Hi, it took a way too long ... I searched and tested alot charaters. I think I like this charater Ai, it is not too hard to beat, i like decent . Megumi from this site : https://web.archive.org/web/20150421235711/http://rikard.isthehero.net/index3EN.htm But she kinda " attack with single move on a single condition..and it will be quite dumb and boring.. " . I don't like that Is there a way make her AI OK, just code 2 -3 lines, like u said ? I want her act more freely
  2. i see . i will find some charaters and try to understand a bit those AI code. Hope u would help me later I correct my previous comment : make a AI OK, just code 2 -3 lines and "DECENT" moves. that is what i meant. gosh .... (DECENT not random)
  3. make a AI OK, just code 2 -3 lines and random moves. that is what i meant. You told me that i should open a charater that already have ai code , right ? then notice how they code those AI. Could u pls give a sample charater ?
  4. lol . i just need those charaters performing random moves, combos that have in their .cmd . I dont need them to be like pro players or make AI can attack with single move on a single condition.., j i just need an decent Ai "make a AI OK, just code 2 -3 lines" pls teach me this. thank you.
  6. Is there an easy and fast way to make ai for charaters ?
  7. Hi. I watch tutorial on youtube about this. But i stoped at the part : copy some texts to "config.json" file. Cause my Ikemen folder dont have that "config.json" . I dont know where to dowload it neither
  8. thank you. I will ask question there
  9. thank you. I remebered her older pose is just like kula with a smile in her face. thank you . im dowloading it
  10. Hi! It has been a way long time I came back to this fantastic game , Mugen. After so many times my computer have errors and had to be deleted all data. About more than 5 times. Now I come back to this game again. And, if I have questions about mugen, where should I post them in ?
  11. mugen tag 3v3 Hello everyone! I'm Jason and i'm 11 years old. i need your help,please. I have a few question. - First, I dowloaded a tag system called "add004basic" but I don't know the control key to change to 2 other charaters in my team. - Second, What is this tag systen and toturial, please :
  12. K Hoshi By Gatt. Anyone has this char. Please post here for me.
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