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  1. yo i downloaded the pack but i havent been able to customize it ie add characters, stages etc I beg of you, if any of you have a tutorial or can walk me through the basics, i will be pleased. I can use other packs but this one seems more complex. When i add characters, i get some unhappy results: -No image in character select screen portrait -small and misaligned image in character slot on character select screen -no image when showing loading screen for upcoming fight - character sprites are larger than should be. only the default SP character has no single issue
  2. Lexx here. i am a young man who loves fighting games and hopes to begin my journey by creating my own mugen IP that will be the best MUGEN game ever. So good it will be played at local tourneys like NORCAL or even streamed by team spooky or fighting Tuesday (though it is safe to assume that if enters asian kids hands and is played at tourney level, then i might get an evo spot and i would have succeeded more than expected, but i digress in my lofty ambitions). Anyway,, in the mean time i am playing the MUGEN games and loving it. So if you love fighting games and anime, i am your guy. If you know how to make fighting games, sprites, or have mastered the way of the mugen engine (bonus points if it is installed in you like Seth or Juri's Tanden engine), then you are my guy. I love to have fun even while working and especially when not working. i love meeting people and making new friends or business partners. thank you.
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