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  1. OH! I almost forgot! My friend, Joey, gave me feedback on this stage when I had sent it to him for testing. Thanks Joey!
  2. Back with another Rivals of Aether stage! It's... sort of animated? I mean the smoke moves like in the source game. Otherwise, no. Screenshots: Like the Blazing Hideout stage I made, the details are... 640x480 Recommended BGM Included! Supports Super Jump! Here's the link!! Enjoy!
  3. might do most of the Rivalsof Aether stages

  4. Hello, everyone! Here is my first stage, made using ripped assets from the source game, Rivals of Aether! It has the music and animations from the source game. Some details, like some of the fire is excluded because I got too lazy, and it wouldn't be much of a difference since they're mostly unnoticeable in the original game anyway. Screenshots: Details: 640x480 Recommended BGM Included! Supports Super Jump! Here is the link!! Enjoy!
  5. hi! im actually not new here but i had an older account that i forgot both the email and password to. hate when that happens... i draw cartoons and do mugen occasionally! here's another cool thing; ive known mugen since may 2010. ive only done like 2 characters that you can check out here..
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