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  1. When Character Codes Made By Someone, You Will See That Text Is Different, Such as a Cns, Cmd, And Air File! Can You Do This?
  2. Very Cheap Character In Mugen 1.0... So Hard.... Maybe I Can Do That...
  3. I See! If You See Character CNS Format Specifier Error, You Must Remove It, Only For %f POS X, Just Convert WinMUGEN Into MUGEN 1.0 Or 1.1.
  4. Hi Everyone, Hayato Here, I Convert Winmugen Into 1.1, Now My Character Def Is Crashed....

    And I Don't know How To Convert 1.1 Into 1.0?

    Please Show Me How Do Convert It!

  5. (DISOWNED) Hey This Isn’t Working On Afxc.net!
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