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    Italy, English (I do not speak it very well)
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    Racing is my favorite hobby
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    Touhou, the legend of zelda, Klonoa, Kancolle, sonic, super mario, Pokemon
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    Kantai Collection, One Piece, Dragon ball, One Punch man, My hero academia
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    DK Rap: smash ultimate edition

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  1. i still continue to live

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    2. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      As for me, I'm not really into mugen "forums" as much as I used to anymore. I'm still very active when it comes to MUGEN. Making my own chars. But I'm usually only at betting sites or in mugen discords.

    3. PC-98 Fan

      PC-98 Fan

      i'm most actively working on Saltypedia and helping a lot with the work of the pages that still needs to be made

    4. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Ah, Saltypedia..with Saltybet's current state, I'm kinda amazed that site is still up.

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