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Mio Kouzuki WIP

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 I've been (mostly) working on this project unannounced a few weeks after starting Haruhi ever since getting back into Eternal Fighter Zero, giving me the inspiration and motivation to start this project in the middle of a pre-existing one. Turned out all that experience that I've accumulated has made this one rather smooth and easy enough to already have substantial progress done in only two weeks. I suppose having an established template that I've used pretty much for every character has really help make the load much easier nowadays. Don't worry, Haruhi will be released this month after my closed-door beta testers have been given enough time.


 Without further ado, I present...





 The mute and clutzy member of the drama club MIO KOUZUKI!

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 As promised, I would post a demonstration of Mio's mode change this week.


 The colored bar next to the Burst bar indicates what mode that Mio is currently in. Blue is for her close range mode that focuses more on rush down and red is her long range mode that focuses on zoning. As you can also see, the modes also have impact on her mobility as they alter her air dashes for instance... in long range mode, Mio can even glide.

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