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RM M.U.G.E.N Release: RM (Updated 1/11/19)

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RM has been updated.


- Realigned Hitsparks for normals, Hadoken, Fast Dash Punch, Uppercuts, Flip Kicks, Matrix, and Smash Upper
- Added dash effect for Sword
- Buffed Mallet special and Sword and Matrix
- Added dust effects to Palm and Fast Uppercut
- Realigned dust effect on Run
- p1 pausetime changed to 0 for Hadoken projectile
- Correctly attributed Mallet and Hadoken as specials
- Correctly attributed Sword, Matrix, and Team Up! as hypers
- Removed p2facing = 1 for Matrix
- Fixed some typos in the readme
- Dust effect for Frontflip Kick now has sprpriority changed to -1
- Resized dust effect for Team Up!
- Added changelog


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RM has been updated again.



- Slowed down his basic attack and Mallet animations a tad bit
- Fixed Damage Dampener slightly
- Resized dust effect on Dash Punch specials
- Updated comboing a bit
- Adjusted damage for basic attacks
- Adjusted chip damage for Hadoken and Smash Upper
- Slight edit to DestroySelf state for Hadoken
- New Aerial Medium Punch animation
- Removed CtrlSet state for Crouching Heavy Punch
- Different sounds for Crouching Medium Punch
- Shock now goes away when RM is hit during the Team Up hyper
- Fixed some typos in Read Me
- Team Up! renamed to Team Up
- Added Pause to Smash Upper
- Added cornerpush to Matrix hyper to prevent RM from going off the screen
- Added ChangeState for his basic aerial attacks


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