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Homura Akemi WIP

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 Yep, I'm already at it again with what will be my third character in the works using both Cyclops Beam and Kohaku's Homura for their resources, but otherwise build from the ground up. This time, my next project will be Homura Akemi, another Puella Magi. Her gameplay will focus on being a projectile heavy character who can manipulate time to teleport or create combos that are not normally possible, making her lean greatly on a keepaway and zoning fighting style. She's roughly 40% complete as of this post, but Homura has been turning out to be the easiest character to work on so far. Just like Sayaka and Akyuu before her, Homura will be made in the same custom style as them.


 Stay tune for more updates on her progress.

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 First super done.




 AT-4 is a simple looking projectile super with low priority, but underneath the surface lies an interesting way of scaling its damage off a combo. The higher hitcount you end a combo with this super, the less it is actually scaled from previous hits. So, you'll get quite a hefty reward for ending lengthy combos with this move.

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