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This is my simple yet fun Sprite Edit of Sonic7's Dave ...i redrew over Dave to turn him into jerry (free hand) i also changed a few things to make him not just dave with a diffrent look though some of Sonic7's. Stuff is still there because i dug it lol

My favorite part was if you've ever seen Codemonkeys jerry is supper wined up so i thought for his super he should be releasing all of it and showing his real inner self ..in the form of Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls Dunt,Dunt,Dunt Crossover!! Lol ..aslo free handed lol

Please enjoy this for exactly what it is ..


Changes made from Dave to Jerry 

Jerry swings Links power sword from the NES loz game instead of a bat

Jerry now turns to bill instead of a ninja robot pirate for the super

Daves ET game attack is now Jerrys severed hand from the car robber Sunnyvale episode 

Added win quotes

11 new palettes by me 


Super special thanks to Sonic7 for creating Dave 

Ryoucchi for the new large and super portrait's 

Truetotalempireinc for giving him a voice with a new SND file and a stage that's included


Again Enjoy it for what it is k 

See ya in the pit - ZombieBrock 




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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Oh Snap! LOL! This Is Awesome! Code Monkeys Is A Very Funny Show Full Of Awesomeness! Brings Back Memories! Awesome Creation On This Lord Batros, Sonic7, Ryoucchi, and Truetotalempireinc!

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