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An edit of .GIF/Mr. T's Mr. Game & Watch that mostly changes him to be in a psuedo-MvC style. See changelog below for complete details.


- He is now 4-buttoned.
- Reduced damage Mr. Game & Watch Stampede does. The super is now guardable, too.
- Changed Spitball Sparky sounds.
- Changed some crouching moves. Manhole is now a launcher that can be followed up with Fire.
- Chain combos added.
- Fire now has a typical super jump command.
- Judge command changed again.
- Less startup for some moves.
- Mr. Game & Watch Drill can not be chained into itself anymore.
- Oil Panic has been added.
- The Zero now requires 3000 power to use instead of 1000.
- Some Hyper aesthetical tweaks.
- New taunt that can be randomly activated based off SSBB's.
- More custom portraits.
- New lose pose.
- New turns/survival intro.
- Mr. Game & Watch Drill and Hyper Key changed to level 2 Hypers.
- AI based off ouchi's.
- Throw speeds are now faster.

- Helmet moves areĀ 

- Changed small portrait.
- Added victory screen portrait and "quotes".
- Added and changed sounds.
- Changed hitboxes and timing for various animations.
- Key now sends you downward.
- Judge now hurts you when you hit a 1.
- Reduced healing output when you hit a 7 in Judge.
- Changed damage outputs.
- Removed NeoKamek's Marvel vs. Capcom 2-like announcer.
- He's now a bit heavier.
- New victory poses based off the various SSB games.
- Changed position of Hyper visuals.
- Animated Hyper portrait.
- Changed idle pose a bit.
- Changed position of Chef's food.
- He walks and runs faster.
- Judge 9 is no longer a OHKO.
- Super Chef does not give you more Power anymore.
- Reduced damage Super Chef does.
- Palletes added/changed.
- Added some special animation compability.


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