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Off-site releases from around the Mugen community are posted here, on the News board.  
So if there's a sweet release on another forum or site you know of, this is the place to share it.

Make sure to follow these rules when posting:

 1. Thread title: Always include author name and release date in your thread title.  Widely used format: [Content name] released / updated by [Author name] [Release/update date]


 2. Time range of news: Only post recently released / updated works.  Maximum time range since release / update date is 1 month.


 3. Visual preview: Always include screenshot(s) / video(s) that will serve as visual of the contents, it'd be nice if you use your own screenshot instead of copy pasting from someone else.


 4. Linking to author website: DO NOT direct link to files on their website's server like this.  Some web servers are known to forbid this and direct you to 404 error page.  Important: Refrain yourself from linking to ad referral sites (such as or any sites that force redirection to adfly (such as Mugen Archive), as many of these ad referral sites these sites possess known security vulnerabilities.  Mugen and all its contents are meant to be free, and any attempts to monetize them are prohibited.

5. No Link Requests: To make a request, go to the Content Requests sub-board in the Member Support forum on the main page, rather than asking on the News forum.


Every week around Sunday (give or take a day) the News Staff posts the Motha Fuckin Fawn, which is MMFA's Weekly News.  The Fawn can be found on it's own sub-board in the News forum and every Issue contains releases from throughout that week.  The releases come from the Release forum, and the Offsite Releases sub-board in the News forum.  The Fawn also includes news articles from the gaming community in general, new games coming out, strategy tips for existing games etc.  And sometimes there will be articles written by either staff or MFFA members.  So if you feel like contributing some of your handy-work in the form of an article about anything Mugen or gaming related that you wish, please be our guest.  If that's you, visit the Content Submissions thread on the Fawns board. 

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