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Click in the author name to download. Red is offline/missing. Yellow is WIP.



86WZz3A.png CHARACTER SELECT - Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen 86WZz3A.png


Natsu DragneelMikel8888 / MNIN / Noctis / Uchiha / Wolf Stak / Vbnm || Erza Scarlet: CVS Artist / Fernandinho_FM / LegendTTA / Mikel8888 / ParadoxPunkSgn15 || Gray Fullbuster: Alexei / Fadli_HULK


Lucy Heartfilia: Uchiha - TempoDragon's edit || Gajeel Redfox: Giovanni / Kazushi / Mikel8888 / Uchiha ||  Laxus Dreyar: Kazushi / Sgn15


v7fbuAS.pngqvdg8RT.pngAlSDYoN.pngUvQjFZ5.pngyEB4PEs.png  MePyMcU.png

Mirajane StraussBetalille || Makarov DreyarFadli_HULK || Loke: RockNGame ||  TotomaruKishor || Jose Porla: Sgn15 || Happy: Megaman


86WZz3A.png CHARACTER SELECT - Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou 86WZz3A.png


Natsu Dragneel: Mikel8888: Normal - Dragon Force - ASCE12's edit [Poison Dragon Cobra] / John Issah ||  Erza ScarletMonkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 / Ryoichi-kun || Lucy HeartfiliaMonkey D. Yomi 


Gray FullbusterAlex. D. X4 / Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Laxus Dreyar: Akashi MugenMonkey D. Yomi



Mirajane Strauss: Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Wendy MarvellMikel8888 || Cana Alberona: Monkey D. Yomi / Mikel8888 || Elfman StraussMikel8888 || Lisanna StraussMikel8888


Bisca Conell: Mikel8888 / Monkey D. Yomi



Levy McGarden: MidNight / Mikel8888 ||  || Mystogan: Mikel8888 || Jellal FernandezAlex. D. X4 / Mikel8888 || Gajeel Redfox: Mikel8888 || Juvia Lockser: youmon92 / Gabrieldra6



 Lyon VastiaMonkey D. Yomi || MidnightAlex.D.X4, Roger-kun & Alchemist10


86WZz3A.png CHARACTER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites 86WZz3A.png

Dkw4V40.pngIKeicDK.png   tWo1FdJ.png

Natsu Dragneel: StormEX || Fire Dragon Igneel: 1st: Xasor / 2nd: Doggiedoo + Isair



Please let me know of any Fairy Tail related MUGEN stuff that isn't included in this collection.


86WZz3A.png STAGE SELECT 86WZz3A.png

Stages by Dan Mt. ||  Stages by Fernandinho_FM || Stages by Mikel8888 || Stages by Monkey D. Yomi || Stages by Kain T. S. - Pack 1 / Pack 2


 Stages by Kazushi ||Stages by Necro_rk || Fairy Tail Guild by Harsh || Fairy Tail Guild by Unknown Author || Lucy's House Place by Wolf Stak



Screenpack by Legendary Team (1.0 / 640x480) || Screenpack by Wolf Stak (1.1 / 1280x720)



Sprites & Sounds Rips: Sprite Database - FTGMK / FTGKD || Sound Rips by LATDS

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2 hours ago, Infinite Kyo said:

epic collection 



1 hour ago, Galvatron said:

Nice! Didn't expect this collection.  Nice Job Ryoucchi:goodmood:



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- Jose Porla by Sgn_15

- Natsu Dragon Force by Mikel8888

 - Cana Alberona by Mikel8888

- Jellal Fernandez by Mikel8888

- Juvia Lockser by youmon92

- Midnight by Alex.D.X4, Roger-kun & Alchemist10

- "Cobra" by ASCE12 (This seems like a palette swap of Mikel8888's Natsu)

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- JUS Natsu by John Issah 

- JUS Laxus by Akashi Mugen

- Juvia by Gabrieldra6

- Erza Scarlet by ParadoxPunk

- Igneel by Doggiedoo + Isair

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