Chaos Breaker / Dark Awake

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Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters.

Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.



DN7uefc.gif PTV5mWF.png TqCBEOz.png ECXEWu3.png nEQYTpM.png lSfZ3dr.pngQAZj7Sj.png BD8ZUdo.png


Ramda || Elion || Vritra || Sandra || Dorgan || Cursehead || Orc || Troll

All made by Ikaruga


Note: You can choose between Ramda's Chaos Breaker or Dark Awake appearance.




Sandra & Fina: Jeffry081 [NSFW]


WMN9NYa.png SXdrEeZ.png X50gFJs.png


Thiele || Manticore || The King Has No Name

All made by Werewood


Note: You can choose to use them as single character or separate characters.



Dark Awake: Ruin by Aokmaniac13 || Dark Awake: Kraken by Shwa

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