Monster: Ancient Cline

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Yeah, even "Fur"Affinity Forums slandered this game for being furry. They say "Contains Furries =/= Good" except they don't like ANYTHING with anthros in them. And in the rare cases they do, it's "Cartoon animals" and not anthros. Whatever. Has any other characters from this game been converted? Also, does Alexander have ANY moves?


Yeah, he has moves alright and I tested him a few times. His AI likes to turn on the Defense mode, leaving him flinchless to many attacks. Throws can still get him but he takes less damage and recovers health quick.



I like how  Delga looks badass dragon looking guy XD


He was the first character from this game I added to my roster. I actually lost to him and Othello in Survival Mode...

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Think anyone over at Spriters Resource or any sprite rippers who work by commission would be willing/able to grab the sprites (and maybe voices) if I provide the game? I really wanna try my hand at making Rail and Maya.

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