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  1. xOrochinagix

    [STAGE] Misty Mountains HD by kater15

    Muito bom, parceiro ;)
  2. xOrochinagix

    Kyo Edits Collection

    Being a huge Kyo fan, this is my dream. thank you for this,my man.
  3. xOrochinagix

    Ultra Vortek Stages by DxWho & Xperimentz

    The link takes to the chars folder.
  4. xOrochinagix

    Mega Geese Tower & Japan Street by MEGACD

    name of those lifebars?
  5. xOrochinagix

    Blaze Fielding (FF) 2015

    She's broken. she has health regeneration as she fills up her power meter.
  6. xOrochinagix

    Stages by Kirishima16

    SNK edited stages = the best. Good job dude.
  7. xOrochinagix

    Mugen Plus Collections (WinMugen+ Only)

    the website isn't working
  8. xOrochinagix

    Flame Kyo Updated

    link is down
  9. xOrochinagix

    Nests KUSANAGI