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  1. I was the one who made that sprite lol But yeah, I hope someone makes a Gyro too DL-ed and tested it and WOW, this char's SO GOOD
  2. Great char, although I'd like to suggest a minor edit by making the small portrait a proper 25x25px
  3. XG417

    Fate Series

    No probs. We do our best to keep things in order x}
  4. Wasn't expecting this character at all today, she looks GREAAAAAT
  5. XG417

    Fate Series

    Very minor detail, but the links for both Scathach and MHX are switched - look closely, the link under the Scathach portrait is for MHX and vice versa
  6. RELEASED: Hokuto by armin_iuf (http://www.mediafire.com/file/v08n36q5p6g0xd0/hokuto.rar) UPDATE: Nanase by armin_iuf (http://www.mediafire.com/file/j03ay5glf7eihj2/Nanase+(updated).rar) > "Updated her all sprites and problems fixed"
  7. All of Rajaa's Custom MB characters (and I'm guessing the other ones as well) are down - the link is OBSOLETE, and leads to a 404. Pls update them with this link: http://www.litotichues.com/
  8. RELEASED: Cracker Jack by armin_iuf. (http://sh.st/st/4e4d4fc0e4e5b9a1b2fde0c6289a964b/http://www.mediafire.com/file/qpae085wdioj4j8/jack.rar)
  9. UPDATED: Keicho Nijimura by Heal the World. >Bad Company is now killable. Hitting any of the soldiers/tanks/apache once will destroy it. Once a unit of BC is destroyed, it cannot be summoned for a time. >Spawned soldiers/tanks/apache now stays on the stage until destroyed. Exceptions are the knife soldier and mine soldier. >Bad Company regenerates over time. >UI showing the number of BC's remaining units added.
  10. Kei's Kars does not have an Ultimate Lifeform version, as far as I know. Also, while this character certainly is overpowered, he's not a cheap char. Great for boss battles. UPDATED: Yukako Yamagishi by Heal the World. Her Idle stance as well as some of her other sprites have been updated with this look: Other than that, she still plays the same as before and is still pretty rough around the edges but still playable EDIT: Slightly updated AI as well. Looks like she now can put up a fight, too. Still a very weak AI, but it's better than just standing around doing nothing like her previous version xD
  11. SvC Allen Snider by our boi chuchoryu https://www.sendspace.com/file/ly2ex7
  12. Same thing happened with Kenzo before he was officially released. Tried to figure out the password but gave up eventually xD So I guess all we can do is wait for HtW to officially complete this... update, I guess?
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    Why are there duplicates of the same topic?
  14. I was typing this very same thing when you posted. Beat me to it by a second! x'D Oh well, I suppose I'll just post the other update I have. UPDATED: Kars by Kei166. Purely visual stuff only tho so it's just a heads-up for those who have him.