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  1. I was the one who made that sprite lol But yeah, I hope someone makes a Gyro too DL-ed and tested it and WOW, this char's SO GOOD
  2. Great char, although I'd like to suggest a minor edit by making the small portrait a proper 25x25px
  3. XG417

    Fate Series

    No probs. We do our best to keep things in order x}
  4. Wasn't expecting this character at all today, she looks GREAAAAAT
  5. XG417

    Fate Series

    Very minor detail, but the links for both Scathach and MHX are switched - look closely, the link under the Scathach portrait is for MHX and vice versa
  6. XG417

    Street Fighter EX Series

    RELEASED: Hokuto by armin_iuf (http://www.mediafire.com/file/v08n36q5p6g0xd0/hokuto.rar) UPDATE: Nanase by armin_iuf (http://www.mediafire.com/file/j03ay5glf7eihj2/Nanase+(updated).rar) > "Updated her all sprites and problems fixed"
  7. XG417

    Melty Blood Series

    All of Rajaa's Custom MB characters (and I'm guessing the other ones as well) are down - the link is OBSOLETE, and leads to a 404. Pls update them with this link: http://www.litotichues.com/
  8. XG417

    Street Fighter EX Series

    RELEASED: Cracker Jack by armin_iuf. (http://sh.st/st/4e4d4fc0e4e5b9a1b2fde0c6289a964b/http://www.mediafire.com/file/qpae085wdioj4j8/jack.rar)
  9. UPDATED: Keicho Nijimura by Heal the World. >Bad Company is now killable. Hitting any of the soldiers/tanks/apache once will destroy it. Once a unit of BC is destroyed, it cannot be summoned for a time. >Spawned soldiers/tanks/apache now stays on the stage until destroyed. Exceptions are the knife soldier and mine soldier. >Bad Company regenerates over time. >UI showing the number of BC's remaining units added.
  10. Kei's Kars does not have an Ultimate Lifeform version, as far as I know. Also, while this character certainly is overpowered, he's not a cheap char. Great for boss battles. UPDATED: Yukako Yamagishi by Heal the World. Her Idle stance as well as some of her other sprites have been updated with this look: Other than that, she still plays the same as before and is still pretty rough around the edges but still playable EDIT: Slightly updated AI as well. Looks like she now can put up a fight, too. Still a very weak AI, but it's better than just standing around doing nothing like her previous version xD
  11. XG417

    Street Fighter EX Series

    SvC Allen Snider by our boi chuchoryu https://www.sendspace.com/file/ly2ex7
  12. Same thing happened with Kenzo before he was officially released. Tried to figure out the password but gave up eventually xD So I guess all we can do is wait for HtW to officially complete this... update, I guess?
  13. XG417


    Why are there duplicates of the same topic?
  14. I was typing this very same thing when you posted. Beat me to it by a second! x'D Oh well, I suppose I'll just post the other update I have. UPDATED: Kars by Kei166. Purely visual stuff only tho so it's just a heads-up for those who have him.