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  1. Remember how in my earlier post I mentioned not turning this thread into a bashfest? This crosses that line. Don't do this again please. Character quality (or lack thereof) does not give you a license to call the creator a "fucking idiot" or any other insult. EDIT: After consulting with the rest of the staff, we decided that if another instance of this occurs within this thread, it will be locked. Doesn't matter who does it, you've all been warned.
  2. Sakuya updated Deflation World": Fixed bug where Sakuya is temporarily vulnerable during cinematic.
  3. Game updated to version
  4. To avoid this turning into another bash thread, it would help if everyone listed reasons why they felt their choices are the "worst", even if the reasons seem obvious.
  5. But who will investigate Incident Zero?

  6. Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism... some benefit from one more than the others, while others are versatile enough to switch between them. And to top it all off, some cards aligned with each one. I wonder...

    1. Darkflare


      Taking a look at the religion system in Hopeless Masquerade? Your characters don't focus on projectile combat so I'm thinking it would be something similar to Melty Blood's moon system/MKX variations

  7. Happy Birthday, I didnt forget about you

  8. I may not be the most religious person, but prayers go out to those affected by the recent anarchy in Brazil.

    1. Rimu


      We're so damn used to that we don't even have hopes of recovery anymore.

    2. Ricepigeon


      Still, its the thought that counts. I can't imagine what kind of horror must be going through people's minds during all this.

    3. gui0007


      Sadly, Brazil is in an abyss that will be really hard to go out.

  9. Game updated to version
  10. Remilia updated Minimum damage scaling on Specials decreased (15%->10%). Minimum damage scaling on Spellcards decreased (20%->15%). j6z: Proration decreased (80%->75). Chain Gang [Z Version]: Can no longer hit opponents out of a reset. Chain Gang [Z Version]: Proration decreased (70%->65%).
  11. Belated Happy B-day matee 

  12. Game updated to version, fixes a major issue with Mokou.
  13. Mokou updated; St Germain's Forewarning: Charge speed doubled. Power gained per Life slightly increased. Mt Fuji Eruption: Fixed bug involving juggle flags. Can now be airblocked.
  14. Happy Bday and thanks for the good custom Touhous.

  15. Thanks for all the bday wishes guys, 60+ of them holy hell

    1. Galvatron


      No problem man!..