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  1. GF202020

    GF202020 General Video Thread

    Hello I'm GameFreak and I research things about fighting games that no one cares about or don't even get home releases for no reason
  2. GF202020

    Greed (The Rumblefish 2) 1.1 patch

    Thank you!
  3. the dropbox link in the release topic is dead.
  4. GF202020

    Rouna by GOD_OF_PEACH released (5/6/2018)

    How do you download from this site?
  5. Requesting lastest Version of Tenshi Hinanawi by Dager (with AI) Hello, Dager's Tenshi is no longer on his OneDrive, and I know an AI patch for it exists SOMEWHERE (it was on SaltyBet), should I would like that too if possible. Thank you for your time and assistance!
  6. GF202020

    GF202020's MUGEN Videos

    GF202020 MUGEN: Meimu Yakumo [me] Vs. Yukari Yakumo (Ricepigeon)
  7. GF202020

    GF202020's MUGEN Videos

    GF202020 MUGEN: Meimu Hakurei [me] Vs. Rugal Bernstein (Kamekaze)
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday..... GF202020's

    1. Riku Minato

      Riku Minato

      Happy B-day bro

  10. GF202020

    GF202020's MUGEN Videos

    GF202020 MUGEN: Adel B. [me] Vs. 9-in-1 Nightmare Geese (Don Drago)