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  1. Exactly: you can just check Mai own thread here: The provided links for the archives are still up; but as Snivy said "No password = No party"
  2. ...Why are you guys making such a fuss? I can DL those JUST fine at (as usual; did it just now.) P.S:Maybe they were offline for some other reasons('cause some years ago MFG database sent an email about MUGEN to all the major SH(Capcom/SNK/others) and the answer was: "do w/e the f*ck you want it's just a fan-game/art."(h*ck even YU-TOHARU Kirino is back online from QUITE some time...)
  3. There's this topic here: So yeah; there's an older version in the hands of a few guys and a passworded one that was without knowing said password we are at a stalemate; that's all...hope it was helpful .o/
  4. ok: Here you guys go MEGA:!g3YGlayK!Q5xI8yf7fIfgGYInXKFY1Y0ZgAxwlED5ckQlbWM2d74 I'll add a mediafire link later as well. Done:
  5. Indeed; anyway i was able to save the archive.So if someone wants to try his/her luck with said password i can upload it P.S:I could also use a suggestion on where to upload said file.
  6. Emperor updated "Perfect Perfecti" on 3/04/2018!AIgvgiUCgPcO1FU&id=BEB67CDDE999A3B9!176&cid=BEB67CDDE999A3B9
  7. Update: deadhead deleted/changed location of his Saber Extra character(so it may be good to up it somewhere else and post the link in the collection)
  8. It's indeed by Kouya and located in the same place where his "Nine" is!105&cid=BEF18CC544D505DD .The file in there says "for backup" and it's password protected. (BTW Nine seems to have been updated too and the password got changed as well -So yeah; NOT much sense downloading'em unless someone can share the password-)
  9. As the title says; long time Lurker(5 years? xD ) that decided to step into the light for a change; been around the MUGEN world (almost)since it's creation and have been active during Mugen Infantry times...annnnnnnnnd i guess that's all. Again; "Heya .o/"