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  1. O.K. Thank you so much for your help! requests were all solved.
  2. Wow! Thank you so much, Kaze!! I have that cyberdan AI.rar that has AI made by colosse. I want the different version of cyberdan posted there, so I'm waiting for it.
  3. these chars are offline at Character section of MFFA and I can't find them anywhere. I'll appreciate if you help me. Black Guile by MaD filename : blackguile.7z Thank you! Kaze!! Robo Dan Sfa Thank you! Kaze!! filename : LORD Cyberdan.rar Idiotman by Joao Thank you! Kaze!! Thank you! Kaze!!
  4. I can't find any links of them. any help will be appreciated. I want AI patches by Doruji for Kula by Koopakoot Mai by Koopakoot Nameless by Koopakoot
  5. just because a filename is the same. try it.
  6. here you go!
  7. it may be here.
  8. here
  9. uploaded Hadouken I know. try it.
  10. if an extracted sff file isn't 0kb, I think it will work well. and in that case, I think a downloaded rar file is more than 40kb. if I can't get a file that works well, I would request or somebody might do it.
  11. oh, you can open it fine? if you can also use it well, we can hope we have a perfect file of this stage some day.
  12. Well... I downloaded again and used 7-zip to open it. Files were extracted but an error message showed up and said "this file is broken" and an extracted .sff file is 0KB. I used 4 browsers to download, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, but I got the same results. A file I downloaded is about 40KB but I think it should be more than that. It might be a temporary server problem if you can open and use it as a stage in Mugen without troubles.
  13. I can download it but can't open a rar file probably because it's not a perfect one. I did a couple of times and got the same results. tell me if you could open this file.
  14. you can get it here. go to the link "MUGEN1.1特設ページ".