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  1. That edit is weak, compared to what already exists.
  2. Yes she does :P And like Isu's Mokou, this Sekibanki is pretty amazing made and plays similar to the other chars from Touhou Hisoutensoku.
  3. Finally more characters from Balthazar! I already can see that these two will have great Gameplay again :D
  4. Hilarious xD Must be one of the best animations i ever saw, well for a piexel char like that.
  5. Wth is that? xD
  6. Dumanios really is the Number one Trashkiller xD
  7. Awesome, new stuff from Minoo!
  8. Well for people like Ani-San and me Cheap Characters are extremely cool Also don't think i couldn't read that little text there xD
  9. Offtopic, but i think much people will ask for that Sanae now xD
  10. Extremely awesome look! I sure use this one
  11. Dammit, well thanks for the answer. I asked because i never saw a Version before, which uses these hitsparks.
  12. Mind if i ask, from which Creator is this Version of Mai Kawasumi?
  13. Who is who? xD
  14. lol just bash everyone as long as you want, only the People who insulting us of course xD