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    I enjoy playing videogames (I was always more of a classic gamer), hang'n out with friends, hunting, fishing, camping, go'n on hikes, watching [adult swim], watching Comedy Central, check'n out super fly chicks on MeetMe, playing MUGEN, program'n MUGEN, go'n out to watch movies play'n in the theaters, and everything else in between. B-D

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  1. DEADPOOL! FTW Thanks for the share Laharl. On another note: Gotta agree with Brock. Wait for the updates to fly in with the characters. Decided to vote UP on your post about the fixes, new stance, and winning pose.
  2. Nice to be back on Mugen Free For All ("Where Caring Is Sharing")! Haven't been on in a while (because of my job mainly). Time to see what's been go'n on.

    1. Ryon


      alot LOL.

  3. Haven't been on for a while... Glad I get to be back on.

  4. Awesome collection! B-D The PREVIEW is the coolest!
  5. Got back online. I thought it'd be time for me to check up on MFFA more. Don't get on too often, but when I do - it makes my day.

  6. Sign'n out for now. I know, wasn't on here too long... My friend stopped by. And, he wants to check out my MUGEN works! B-D Man, I was hope'n it was my girlfriend... *sigh* Later... ;)

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    2. Ryon



      Its always nice to get your girlfriend to come over. I bet you miss yours laharl! bwahahahha

    3. KKDFJ@MFFA13

      [email protected]

      Yeah, there's a point... Ya know, I didn't think it would hurt to show this status alittle flavor. I'm not one of those that type statuses like "Bored" or a bunch of senseless random crap that's based on song lyrics. A status is meant to be about what your up to... No wonder people like you have haters Laharl. Just because you're miserable doesn't mean the rest of us have to be. -_-

    4. Laharl


      miss mine? i talk to her everyday im going to see her again this year. I am not miserable like you think I just hate your annoying statuses.

  7. Man oh man! Haven't been on here in a while! Yep, it's been that long... I guess I've been have'n too much fun mod'n other games. Been having a good bit of fun using LUA Compiler to alter storylines in some of the games I still play. Working with alot of sprites as well. This is what I get for spending too much time do'n things like that.

  8. Gotta leave... See ya for now everybody... Maybe I'll have more time next time.

    1. Ryon


      how much time do you normally have??

    2. Laharl
  9. Figured I get on for alittle bit before I leave again. Busy, busy, busy... That's why I haven't been on too much.

  10. DL'd this a while back... Interesting char to say the least. Bola! The blob that'll shapeshift at it's best to whoop ya!
  11. Gotta have Kung Fu Girl. She's a part of KFM's storyline. Too bad he couldn't find her though... I editted the storyline at the end of the tournament to where he found her. :)
  12. More of the Toon MUGEN! It was a cool idea to come up with the bot right here... B-D Pretty awesome character... Saturday Morning Mayhem!
  13. Got on before people knew it... One of them!

  14. DL'd a few more characters into the MUGEN collection. Log'n out for now I guess...

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